Flowering by Month
New Plants

Dichondra micrantha 'Silver Falls'

Dichondra micrantha 'Silver Falls'£4.00

A vigorous spreading and trailing plant, pupular in hanging baskets where its grey leaves make a good contrast with more colourful plants.

Aeonium tabuliforme

Aeonium tabuliforme£7.50

Flat-Topped Aeonium

Some weird and wonderful plants come from the Canary Islands, this one is from Tenerife where it grows on rocky slopes often in a bit of shade.

Haworthia limifolia 'Spider White'

Haworthia limifolia 'Spider White'£5.50

A cultivar with more pronounced white marks on the leaves, giving an overall grey effect. Lovely in a shallow bowl on a sunny windowsill.

Sinocrassula yunnanensis

Sinocrassula yunnanensis£4.50

Chinese Crassula

A neat little succulent from China for growing on a sheltered rockery, or on a sunny window sill indoors.

Bank Holiday week deliveries

Due to the May Bank Holiday and our attendance at our County Show on 1-2 June any orders placed after 3pm on Wednesday 25th May will be dispatched on or after Monday 6th June. 

Free plant offer
Order plants to the value of £50 or more and we will add a free plant of our choice that we think will complement your selection.

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We have taken the opportunity to revise our 1200 or so plants and their associated pictures, descriptions, attributes and prices. We will progressively make more of these available throughout the year

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for (we often have plants available at the nursery which, for various reasons, don’t make it onto our website) or need assistance choosing plants, we are happy to help and are only a phone call or email away. 

Featured Plants
Adiantum raddianum 'Lisa'

Adiantum raddianum 'Lisa'£8.50

Maidenhair Fern

An upright, rather than trailing, variety making a compact plant, hardy only in very sheltered gardens.

Matteucia struthiopteris

Matteucia struthiopteris£6.00

Shuttlecock Fern

Spectacular, large fern, which spreads by underground shoots to form several 'Shuttlecocks' of pale green bi-pinnate fronds.

Epimedium youngianum 'Niveum'

Epimedium youngianum 'Niveum'£5.00

Snowy Barrenwort

Spreading perennial, with masses ofdelightful dainty white flowers in spring, over colourful foliage.

Convolvulus sabatius

Convolvulus sabatius£4.00

Blue Rock Bindweed

This comes from dry places around the Mediterranean, so needs good drainage and a sunny sheltered spot. Blue funnel-shaped flowers mid- to late summer.

Adiantum hispidulum 'Bronze Venus'

Adiantum hispidulum 'Bronze Venus'£8.50

Rosy Maidenhair Fern

A very pretty fern, the new fronds emerge a bronze red. For a shady spot in humus-rich soil in warm garden.

Hosta Tardiana Group 'June'

Hosta Tardiana Group 'June'£5.50

Plantain Lily

An outstanding medium hosta with yellow leaves with a broad blue margin. Young plants and those grown in sun exhibit a narrow blue margin. For best colouration grow in shade.