New Plants
Punica granatum v. nana

Punica granatum v. nana£8.50

Dwarf Pomegranate

A small summer-flowering deciduous shrub with unusual orange flowers with delicate petals which stop short of fully opening. Good for Bonsai.

Clerodendrum myricoides 'Ugandense'

Clerodendrum myricoides 'Ugandense'£8.00   £7.20

An ideal plant for a Butterfly house, this evergreen shrubby climber with beautiful pale and dark blue flowers, which resemble a butterfly in shape, from summer to autumn.

Adiantum caudatum

Adiantum caudatum£5.50   £4.95

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Spring Flowering Bulbs
Allium  'Gladiator'

Allium 'Gladiator'£6.60

Pack of 3 bulbs

Large spherical heads of purple flowers on strong stems from May-June. Attracts bees and butterflies. 1.2 metres (4 feet).

Anemone blanda 'Blue Shades'

Anemone blanda 'Blue Shades'£3.50

Pack of 35 bulbs

Spring flowering bulb with violet daisy-like flowers, which are large in relation to the leaves, from March-April. Good for naturalising under trees and shrubs.

Crocus  'Prince Claus'

Crocus 'Prince Claus'£5.00

Pack of 25 bulbs

Spring flowering bulb with fragrant goblet-shaped, white and purple flowers from February to March. Superb for naturalising in lawns or woodland beds. 10 cms (4").

Fritillaria imperialis 'Aurora'

Fritillaria imperialis 'Aurora'£13.75

Pack of 5 bulbs

An impressive, statuesque bulb producing tall stems of pendant, ornage bell shaped flowers in April-May. Perfectly suited to a sunny, well drained border.

Hyacinth  'Woodstock'

Hyacinth 'Woodstock'£4.50

Pack of 6 bulbs

A very special variety with suptuous, deep purple flowers with a heady fragrance from March to April. 20 cms (7").

Iris reticulata 'Alida'

Iris reticulata 'Alida'£3.00

Pack of 25 bulbs

A superb variety with bright blue flowers with an orange splash on the falls in February. 10 cms (4").

Narcissus  'Petrel'

Narcissus 'Petrel'£5.50

Pack of 10 bulbs

An enchanting variety with multiple stems per bulb, each with up to 5 fragrant, ivory-white flowers with a small cup in April. Ideal for pots. 40 cms.

Tulip  'Princess Irene'

Tulip 'Princess Irene'£7.00

Pack of 20 bulbs

A striking single early Tulip with orange flowers with a vertical purple splash. Flowers in April. 30 cms (1 foot).

Tulip gregii 'Marie Jose'

Tulip gregii 'Marie Jose'£7.00

Pack of 20 bulbs

An ideal Tulip for a rockery or naturalising with golden yellow flowers on short stems above spotted leaves. Flowers late March to April. 30 cms (1 foot).

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