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Amicia zygomeris

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Common Name: Yoke-Leaved Amicia

Plant Family: Papilionaceae

Useful for:  Growing in Pots
Planting Style:  mediterranean
Season of Interest:  Spring to autumn
Position/ Situation:  Sheltered, frost-free gardens
Sun or Shade:  Sun
Flower Colour:  Yellow
Height:  medium (up to 6 feet)
Habit/Shape:  Bushy
Soil Type:  Normal, well-drained but moisture retentive
Soil PH:  No preference
Hardiness/minimum temperature:  Hardy to minus 5 deg. C

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A shrub from Mexico, which behaves more like a herbaceous perennial in the UK, tending to die back to ground level in winter. Grown mainly for its exotic foliage - the leaves are heart-shaped, and purple-stained stipules (leaf-like appendages along the stem) add extra interest. Then, in late summer, yellow pea-like flowers appear to complete the display. Likes full sun, well-drained soil and a sheltered warm spot. In cold areas mulch well, or grow in a pot so the plant can be over wintered frost free.

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