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The weather is gradually improving, so we will be starting to make our indoor and conservatory plants available soon

Choose plants by the months in which they flower

We have sorted our hardy plants (perennials, shrubs, bulbs and climbers) according to the months in which they flower. If you are looking for flowers for a specific month, bear in mind that when planning a garden for a specific event, the weather, your soil, location and other factors will most likely have a bearing on flowering time and period. It's best to choose plants which are in flower either side of the month you are interested in, and choose a range of plants so if one fails to perform there will be others to take their place. 

Have a look at our advanced search too, where there is an option to search by the broader term, 'season of interest'. You can then filter by flower colour etc. to get your list of plants. 

plants which flower in May


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