Lophospermum 'Wine Red'

Lophospermum  'Wine Red'
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Common Name: Creeping Gloxinia

Plant Family: Plantaginaceae

Sun or Shade:  Sun to Part Shade
Flower Colour:  Red
Scented flowers or leaves:  No Scent
Leaf Colour:  Green
Height:  low (up to 3 feet)
Hardiness/minimum temperature:  Frost tender (plus 1 to 5 deg. C.)

A frost-tender climber sometimes grown as an annual with lovely, deep wine-red, trumpet shaped flowers in summer. It can be grown in hanging basket, from which it will trail obligingly, or it looks equally good trained up a short obelisk. Grow in sun to part shade in a loam based compost in a pot, or in moisture retentive soil in the open ground. May not like very alkaline soil.

Previously placed in the family Scrophulariaceae, but recent genetics now place it in Plantaginaceae

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