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The weather is gradually improving, so we will be starting to make our indoor and conservatory plants available soon

Pot Sizes

Below is a guide to the pot sizes in which we supply our plants. The exact size of the plants will vary throughout the growing season, so sometimes we supply plants in larger pots at no extra charge where the stated size is not available. Where we have plants in smaller pots than advertised we will usually put an extra plant or two in your parcel. 

To avoid excessive carriage charges we sometimes have to cut plants back so we can fit them in the box and secure them well.  This will have no ill effect on the plants which will start to grow away again once planted. 

Unless otherwise indicated our plants are supplied in the following sizes according to category (Dimensions refer to either the pot diameter (cm) or volume (litre);

  • Conservatory & House Plants: 9cm or 1 litre
  • Succulents: 9cm
  • Perennials: Mostly 2 litre (some are supplied in 1 litre)
  • Ferns: 2 litre
  • Grasses: 2 litre
  • Herbs: 1 litre
  • Soft Fruit: 2 litre (except Strawberries- 1 litre)
  • Shrubs, Roses and Climbers: 2 or 3 litre (occasionally 1.5 litre)


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