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Soft Fruit

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Alpine Strawberry  'Baron Solemacher'

Alpine Strawberry 'Baron Solemacher'

Alpine Strawberry

(Fragaria vesca.) Old & trusted variety of the runnerless wild strawberry producing small but delicious fruit over a very long period.

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Ficus carica 'Precoce de Dalmatie'


An early fruiting variety producing green-yellow fruit with sweet red flesh. Large deciduous shrub (evergreen in warm gardens) with large deeply lobed leaves, best grown against a sunny wall.

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Solanum  muricatum 'Pepino Gold'

Solanum muricatum 'Pepino Gold'

Melon Pear

An unusual addition to the edible garden. A frost-tender perennial, in warm seasons fruits turn yellow and can be peeled and eaten raw, tasting like a canteloupe melon.

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