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Viburnum plic. f. tomentosum 'Nanum Semperflorens'

Viburnum plic. f. tomentosum 'Nanum Semperflorens'
 Viburnum plic. f. tomentosum 'Nanum Semperflorens'Viburnum plic. f. tomentosum 'Nanum Semperflorens' 
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Common Name: Japanese Snowball 'Nanum Semperflorens'

Plant Family: Adoxaceae

Useful for:  Ornamental
Planting Style:  Japanese
Season of Interest:  Summer to Autumn
Position/ Situation:  City gardens, small gardens
Sun or Shade:  Sun to Part Shade
Flower Colour:  White
Leaf Colour:  Green
Height:  medium (up to 6 feet)
Habit/Shape:  Bushy
Soil Type:  Heavy/Clay
Soil PH:  No preference
Hardiness/minimum temperature:  Hardy
Bee and Butterfly:  Both
Rabbit & Deer Resistance:  Deer Resistant Plants
Resistance to Honey Fungus:  Susceptible to Honey Fungus

Plant Collection for Ground Cover/Underplanting in ShadePlant Collection for Ground Cover/Underplanting in Shade

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Syn. V. plicatum 'Watanabe' . A compact deciduous shrub producing wonderful tiered branches of white flowers  from May to August.  These are sometimes followed by ornamental berries and the leaves turn red in Autumn. This variety is more suited to smaller gardens than others as it doesn’t get quite as big, growing to approx 6ft in height and spread. Grow in well drained soil in sun to part shade.

Pruning:  This shrub really should not be pruned other than to remove any damaged or dead growth. Do not trim back as this will spoil the tiered shape that it is known for. Make sure you allow for this when planting so for example don’t plant too close to a path where branches may overhang and get in the way


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