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Chamelaucium uncinatum

Common Name: Geraldton Wax Plant

Plant Family: Myrtaceae

Chamelaucium uncinatum
 Chamelaucium uncinatumChamelaucium uncinatum 



SORRY THIS ITEM IS DISCONTINUED- (page visible for helpful information only)

Suggested Use:  Cut Flower
Planting Style:  sub tropical bed out
Season of Interest:  Spring to autumn
Position/ Situation:  Summer Patio
Sun/ Shade:  Sun to Part Shade
Flower Colour:  White
Scent:  Scented Flowers
Leaf Colour:  Green
Height:  large (up to 12 feet)
Habit/Shape:  Bushy
Evergreen:  Yes
Hardiness/minimum temperature:  Frost tender (plus 1 to 5 deg. C.)

An evergreen shrub from SW Australia with very narrow leaves, and sprays of honey-scented white or pink flowers in early summer. Increasingly popular as a cut flower.

This plant is not reliably hardy in the UK. We get a lot of enquires about this plant and often find people are hoping to grow it in their gardens year round. You can stand it outside for the summer quite happily but is very risky to leave it out over winter it does not like prolonged, cold and wet conditions. The climate of SW Australia, where it comes from, is closer to a Mediterranean climate so it needs winter protection. If you garden is very mild and you rarely get frosts and have really free draining soil you may be ok but it is advisable to cover with fleece in winter if you're going to try to keep it outside.

Growing information

So you can easily move it to a protected place over winter it is best grown in a pot. A Greenhouse or Conservatory will protect it from the worst of the winter cold and perhaps most importantly the wet! Use a free draining compost (potting compost with lots of grit or washed sand mixed in). Put a good layer of crocks in the bottom and stand the pot off the ground on pot feet to ensure drainage is not impeded in any way. Requires careful watering, take care not to saturate the compost.

Can be cut back after flowering of it starts to get rather leggy. Please note the normal habit of this plant is to have long willowy stems so it will tend to look a little leggy if left to grow naturally.

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