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Thursday, 14/03/2019

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Thursday, 08/11/2018

Getting tender plants through the winter

Cissus nodosa

Cissus nodosa

Add any 10 items to your basket and get the lowest value one FREE



Please enquire for approximate date of availability (We will start shipping of our tender plants as they become available, and when the weather warms in spring 2019)

Common Name: (Stringy Cissus; Thousand Roots, Curtain Vine)

Plant Family: Vitaceae

Position/ Situation:  Heated Conservatory, greenhouse or indoors
Hardiness/minimum temperature:  very tender - minimum plus 10 to 15 deg. C.

A vigorous tropical climber from Singapore, where it is noted for its curtains of pink aerial roots which hang down from the branches (though this will probably only occur in consistently humid conditions). Best to regard this as being very tender, though small plants grown from cuttings this year seem to be surviving happily so far in a cool greenhouse in December. A limited quantity will be available in 2019.

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