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Latest Plants

Here are our latest and upcoming plants. We are propagating and potting from spring to late summer so there's always something exciting to look forward to! Some are brand new to us and there are also re-introductions of some old favorites too.

Melanoselinum decipiens£6.50

Black Parsley

An unusual plant making impressive mounds of evergreen foliage. Large umbels of pink flowers on tall stems in spring. (Monocarpic)

Tripogandra serrulata 'Purple Scimitars'£5.00

(aka Setcreasea or Tradescantia). Rarely offered in the UK, this makes an attractive upright-then-trailing plant for indoors, or for summer containers outdoors.

Thalictrum delavayi£4.50

This graceful species has tall, purple-tinted stems topped by widely branched airy panicles of tiny pale lilac flowers with prominent yellow stamens from July to September.

Agapanthus 'Purple Cloud'£5.00

African Lily

Large heads of dark violet-blue flowers from July August. Deciduous and Hardy. Height 1m

Buddleja alternifolia 'Argentea'£5.00

Butterfly Bush

Large shrub with narrow silvery leaves on arching stems. Pendant racemes of scented mauve flowers in early summer which are loved by butterflies.

Gomphostigma virgatum£5.00

Otter bush

Buddleja relative from South Africa where it grows alongside rivers with its roots at the water's edge. It is an evergreen, shrubby perennial with narrow grey leaves & small fragrant white flowers from mid summer to autumn.

Inula orientalis 'Grandiflora'£5.00

Neat and compact species with large, sunny, orange-yellow daisies in summer. For any reasonble soil in full sun. Apreciates a sheltered spot. A magnet for bees and butterflies!

Leucanthemum  'Aglaia'

Leucanthemum 'Aglaia'£6.00

Shasta Daisy

A lovely long-flowering Shasta Daisy, fully double white flowers of shredded petals open to reveal a yellow eye. This makes an excellent cut flower too.

Leucanthemum  'Engelina'

Leucanthemum 'Engelina'£6.00

Shasta Daisy

A compact form growing to around 50cm high with shredded double white flowers with a yellow centre

Penstemon 'Evelyn'£5.00

A hardy variety with narrow leaves and tall spires of mid- to pastel pink flowers on purple tinged stems over a long period in summer and autumn. Sun to part-shade in well-drained soil.

Penstemon 'Firebird'£5.00

A very long flowering and reliable Penstemon with crimson flowers with a white throat from June-October. This tough hybrid was bred in Switzerland in 1939 and copes well with the British climate.

Phlomis italica£6.50

Balearic Island sage

A shrubby evergreen shrub with attractive grey foliage and whorls of pale pink flowers in summer. Needs a sheltered spot in well drained soil and sun. Cut back any damaged or dead stems when the weather warms in spring.

Campanula takesimana 'Elizabeth'

Campanula takesimana 'Elizabeth'£5.50

Korean bellflower

Spreading perennial forming ground covering mats of foliage. Dusky-pink speckled bell-shaped flowers are held on upright stems, from June to September. For moist but well drained soil in sun or part shade.

Erigeron 'Nachthimmel'

Erigeron 'Nachthimmel'£5.50


A great plant for chalky or alkaline soils. Violet daisies appear on bushy medium height plants from May to August. Sun and well drained soil. Great for Bees and Butterflies.

Fuchsia procumbens£6.50

Trailing Fuchsia

An unusual spreading/trailing fuchsia with small green leaves yellow upward-facing flowers with red stamens and blue pollen. Can be used as a mat-forming plant for the front of a border or it will trail over edge or a pot, basket or low wall

Mitraria coccinea

Mitraria coccinea£8.50

Mitre flower

This half hardy, semi trailing evergreen shrub comes from the temperate rain forests of Chile.  In late spring and early summer it produces long orange-red tubular flowers. It can be grown outdoors in a very sheltered location, ideally against a warm wall. Needs acidic soil.  Min. -5C

Petrorhagia saxifraga

Petrorhagia saxifraga£5.50

Tunic flower

This low growing plant is ideal for dry, sandy, chalky or low fertility soil. Wiry stems with narrow leaves carry masses of tiny pink flowers in summer. Great for a rockery or alpine bed and very drought tolerant

Viola 'Molly Sanderson'£4.50

A pretty little long-flowering perennial Viola. Almost black flowers are edible and make a beautiful garnish

Nephrolepis 'Fluffy Ruffles'£6.50

One of the many forms of the popular Boston Fern. Makes an upright clump of very finely cut fronds. Hairy stolons will find their way out of the pot & root on any suitable medium. For a shallow pot in part to full shade.

Synadenium grantii 'Rubrum'

Synadenium grantii 'Rubrum'£6.50

African Milk Bush

The upright stems bear oval leaves, in this cultivar they are streaked and mottled with red and green markings. IRRITANT SAP.

Thunbergia gregorii

Thunbergia gregorii£6.50

Orange Clock Vine

A tender perennial climber with large vivid orange flowers, almost 2" wide, with a black centre in summer. Can also be grown as an annual like the normal Black-eyed Susan

Amsonia 'Ernst Pagels'£5.00

Eastern Blue Star

A bushy perennial with narrow leaves topped with star-shaped pale blue flowers in early summer. Fairly drought tolerant. Reasonable soil in sun/ part shade.

Gladiolus flanaganii£5.50

Hardy Gladioli growing to around 30cm high with sword shaped leaves and funnel shaped red flowers in mid to late summer. Ideal for a gravel garden or rockery. Likes full sun and well drained soil.

Aster novi belgii 'Lady In Blue'£5.50

Michaelmas Daisy

A late flowering perennial with masses of light blue flowers in September and October. Low growing so good for the front of a sunny border, and will be loved by bees and butterflies.

Tulip 'Bright Gem'£4.00

Pack of 15 Bulbs

Beautiful soft yellow flowers flushed with apricot-orange appear in May. Fantastic for naturalising, being more reliably perennial than most. Height 30cm


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