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Pentas lanceolata

Pentas lanceolata
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Common Name: Egyptian Star Cluster

Plant Family: Rubiaceae

Season of Interest:  Summer to Autumn
Sun or Shade:  Sun to Part Shade
Flower Colour:  Pink
Scented flowers or leaves:  No Scent
Leaf Colour:  Green
Height:  low (up to 3 feet)
Evergreen:  Yes
Hardiness/minimum temperature:  very tender - minimum plus 10 to 15 deg. C.

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A tender evergreen perennial from sub-tropical areas in Africa. In summer it produces clusters of pink, red or white star-shaped flowers over a long period especially if deadheaded and fed regularly. The flowers are very nectar-rich and this is an idea plant for a Butterfly house. Also makes a good house plant or colour on the summer patio.
When potting on we recommend using a loam-based compost (John Innes No.3) with added sand mixed in for drainage. You can use ordinary multipurpose or peat free compost if you wish or even a mixture.
Place somewhere with good natural light but with some protection from very hot sun. In a south facing conservatory or window keep an eye on the plant and if it shows signs of distress move it to a slightly cooler location. These plants can be stood outside for the summer but must be brought in well before any frosts are forecast. Donít put outside before the end of May because of the risk of frost.
Deadhead regularly during the flowering season to encourage the formation of more flower buds. In summer feed monthly with a high potash feed such as Tomato food.
Water regularly but be careful not to overwater. If anything they prefer to be slightly on the dry side. Certainly not permanently wet.
Mature height and spread is 1m (3ft) if given a large enough pot.
Keep at a minimum temperature of 10įC . Although evergreen in its natural habitat it is likely to die back in winter in the UK unless additional light is provided by means of Grow Lights

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