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Vegetable & Herb Seeds

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Basil British - Seeds

Basil British - Seeds£1.50

100 seeds approx

More resistant to cooler British weather conditions. Same flavour as classic Basil

Beetroot  Wodan F1 - Seeds

Beetroot Wodan F1 - Seeds£1.80

200 seeds approx

This variety can be left to mature to a larger size with a much lower chance of becoming woody than other varieties. Can also be harvested early as baby beets. Produces medium to large rounded roots.

Borecole Black Tuscany - seeds

Borecole Black Tuscany - seeds£1.55

200 seeds approx

A hardy winter vegetable with dark green crinkled leaves which can be steamed gently or used in soups and stews. Can also be used in spring as baby leaf.

Borecole Redbor - seeds

Borecole Redbor - seeds£1.55

25 seeds approx

Vigorous variety with red-purple foliage. Can be harvested at baby leaf stage or left to mature. Young leaves can be finely chopped in salads. A good source of tasty and highly nutritious autumn, winter and spring 'greens'.

Broad Bean Masterpiece Green - Seeds

Broad Bean Masterpiece Green - Seeds£2.10

100 seeds approx

Early cropping and reliable variety with long green pods with an excellent flavour. Beans freeze well

Broccoli Rudolph - Seeds

Broccoli Rudolph - Seeds£1.50

25 seeds approx

Early purple variety maturing in Jan-Feb next year. When harvesting, pick the spears regularly to promote more shoots.

Brussel Sprouts Evesham Special - Seeds

Brussel Sprouts Evesham Special - Seeds£2.15

500 seeds approx

An old fashioned variety with great flavour

Butternut Squash Hunter F1 - Seeds

Butternut Squash Hunter F1 - Seeds£2.00

12 seeds approx

An early cropping variety bred to grow better in the cooler British climate. Heavy cropping with a lovely sweet falvour and bright orange flesh

Cabbage  Greyhound - Seeds

Cabbage Greyhound - Seeds£1.15

500 seeds approx

Popular quick growing pointed cabbage with solid hearts with few outer leaves. Can be grown closer together than other cabbages so good where space is limited.

Cabbage  January King - Seeds

Cabbage January King - Seeds£1.10

500 seeds approx

An attractive winter cabbage producing large, crisp rounded heads with a purple tinge. Sow in spring to harvest the following winter. Very hardy.

Cabbage  Red Drumhead - Seeds

Cabbage Red Drumhead - Seeds£1.40

500 seeds approx

Red cabbage producing tight, rounded heads of crispy leaves. Ideal for salads or pickling. 

Carrot Autumn King 2 - Seeds

Carrot Autumn King 2 - Seeds£1.35

2000 seeds approx

A popular late cropping variety producing heavy yields of long thick roots. Stores well and can also be left in the ground and pulled as required through the winter.

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Page 1 of 5:    57 Items
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