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Welcome to Shrubland Park Nurseries

We are a family-run Nursery based in Suffolk and we are passionate about plants! We hope you enjoy browsing our website. We are sure you will find an interesting range of plants, many of which are not widely available. If you have any questions our friendly knowledgeable staff are very happy to help.

Featured Plants
Thunbergia gregorii

Thunbergia gregorii£6.50

Orange Clock Vine

A tender perennial climber with large vivid orange flowers, almost 2" wide, with a black centre in summer. Can also be grown as an annual like the normal Black-eyed Susan

Nephrolepis duffii

Nephrolepis duffii£6.50

Pygmy Sword Fern, Lemon Button Fern

A compact variety of the commoner sword fern, making a neater more compact plant. An ideal indoor pot plant for that difficult shady corner.

Anemone  hupehensis var. japonica  'Rotkšppchen'

Anemone hupehensis var. japonica 'Rotkšppchen'£5.50

Japanese Anemone

('Little Red Riding Hood'). A lovely, compact cultivar with very deep pink semi-double flowers in summer and autumn.

Ipheion  'Alberto Castillo'

Ipheion 'Alberto Castillo'£5.00

Pack of 25 Bulbs


Beautiful spring flowering bulb with large, elegant white flowers with a faint green central stripe from March to April. Ideal for naturalising in lawns or growing in pots. 20 cms (7").

Aster   'Small Ness'

Aster 'Small Ness'£5.50

Michaelmas Daisy

A mildew-resistant cultivar, neat and low-growing, and covered with pink flowers in autumn. Good in normal to dry-ish soils, sun to part-shade.

Pilea libanensis

Pilea libanensis£6.50

Silver Sprinkles, Grey Artillery Plant

A rarely found plant from Cuba, with trailing stems clothed with small round greyish leaves. A great little trailing houseplant

Tradescantia  'Purpusii'

Tradescantia 'Purpusii'£5.00


A trailing plant with large purple and green blushed leaves, similar in habit and a nice contrast to T. zebrina. For a shady spot indoors or a heated conservatory or greenhouse.

Ageratum corymbosum

Ageratum corymbosum£6.00

Perennial Ageratum, Butterfly Mist

A rarely offered slightly tender perennial for a sunny border. Long flowering and good for bees!

Iris 'Langport Wren' (IB) - Bare root

Iris 'Langport Wren' (IB) - Bare root£4.00

A superb Intermediate Iris with deep purple flowers. Strong growing and very floriferous! Height 50cm

Euphorbia mauritanica

Euphorbia mauritanica£6.50

Pencil milk bush

South African succulent forming clumps of upright mostly leafless stems, topped in spring with small yellow flowers. CAUTION, SAP IS TOXIC

Sinocrassula yunnanensis

Sinocrassula yunnanensis£5.00

A neat little succulent from China with erect pointed fleshy leaves which are almost black. A striking succulent for a sunny windowsill. Plants eventually spread and look good in a shallow bowl.

Anemone blanda 'White Splendour'

Anemone blanda 'White Splendour'£5.00

Pack of 25 Bulbs

Winter windflower

Plant this little bulb in groups and it will form carpets of white flowers which will give a display from March-April. Ideal for planting beneath deciduous trees and shrubs with no maintenance needed

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